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Dj DitteLive At Praezisionswerk 2006

Daniel Savio - "The Lord of the Flies"

From the LP Nekropolis, a video by Skweee producer Daniel Savio aka Kool DJ Dust.

Orgue Electronique - "Le notti del terrore"

"I want to dive into a sound and make it my own" says Schijf, the man behind Orgue Electronique.

Ventolyn & Becotyde - "Field"

S.Matthews currently runs Alkalinear Recordings, a netlabel mainly formed to release older Ventolyn & Becotyde material.

John Massey - "Broken Defense"

These dark slamming techno grooves will assault your mind with unrelenting drive.

Galaxian - "Warhead"

Extract of their new EP, "The Looting of Reason", "Warhead", an unstoppable cyborg-juggernaut electro track.

Bleep43 - "El Camino"

El Camino, an unmissable slice of emotive, absorbing electro-techno that shows just why he's so revered by the connoisseurs.

»Den spille stil vil stærkt påvirke din præstation
by Cheylrser - fri aug 28

»Most runners want to wear shoes
by Cheylrser - fri aug 28

»Adidas productos son populares para
by Cheylrser - fri aug 28

»New Techno track from Russia, Free to listen
by eliaskuhn - thu aug 27

»Channel One and Mad Professor celebrate 60 years of UK Sound
by jukeboxpr - thu aug 27

»Late. Dark. Nights. Vol.9
by djbennyk - thu aug 27

»Echthaar Perücken appear organic
by Klervi - thu aug 27

»beenoise attack episode 154 with luke
by beenoise - wed aug 26

Thinknology Podcast
Thinknology - Mixes By ThinkToy

Eclectic DJ mixes of diverse dance, hip-hop & emotive electronica. Across genres from neurofunk to intelligent techno. Music featured includes breakbeat, jazzfunk & hip-hop to electronica, techno, electro and drum & bass.

Kongkast Podcast
Kongkast - Hong Kong's first DnB podcast

Kongkretebass Podcast - KongKast - Drum and Bass podcast download of the new, old and unreleased tunes from around the world - directly from Hong Kong.

Elektrocast Podcast

Elektrocast is an electronic music podcast based in Berlin the city of Electronic music. The program includes Dj Live Sets and Videos performances.

Solipsistic Nation Podcast
Solipsistic Nation

Featuring the best of all genres of techno and electronic music.